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Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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56-0726 Love VGR


“E-3 Now, I- I’ve usually explained it like this. And maybe to the newcomer here, that never heard me try to explain it… See, a gift, all the Fullness of Godhead bodily dwelt in Jesus Christ. We know that. He was all… He was God in complete. The- the dove came down, as we preached the other night on “The Dove and the Lamb.” And the Dove abode in the Lamb. He stayed there. He was Emmanuel. God was in His tabernacle. The- the Son of God, which was Jesus, was the flesh of God, a tabernacle that God dwelt in here on the earth. And now, that was- that was Christ and God became united. And that’s the way God could be seen. No man has seen the Father at any time, but the only begotten Son has declared Him. See? In other words, God was in Christ, showing His attitude towards the people. See? What He was, what God was, He was expressing Hisself through Jesus His Son. See? As He dwelt in Him, making Jesus and God… Jesus being the Tabernacle that God was dwelling in here on earth… “A body has Thou prepared Me.” See? And God dwelt in Jesus Christ. And that made the Father and the Son united together, now, and become One.

Now, notice, now, what was in Christ, was the Fullness of the Spirit, the entire Fullness of God. God gave Christ the Spirit without measure. But He’s give It to us by measure. Christ had all the measure, everything. He was Emmanuel. But you and I are little cupfuls out of that Seed. But when the Spirit that’s in us, is of the same quality, not as much in quantity, but the same quality, ‘cause it’s part of the same Spirit. See?

E-4 Now, if I taken a spoonful of water out of the ocean, why, you’d never miss it, the spoonful of water. Yet, if I took it to the laboratory, the same chemicals that’s in the entire ocean would be in this spoonful, the same type of chemicals.

Well, that’s the way the Christian is. His makeup after he’s received Christ, is the same makeup with the same attributes that Christ was. Exactly. Because it’s the spoonful of God, as would be measured out and give to each individual, makes you a son and daughter of God.”


– Extract from the Message ‘Love’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’


Shreveport LA








Sunday Service- 9th of July, 2017

Ministering: Pastor Barnabas

Topic: Admonition


God has His own provided way.

This is what we call prosperity- to have a good journey.


When man says, this is the way I want to please God, there is already a conflict.

No matter what the situation of life becomes, follow the revelation of the hour.

Because God will always have a remnant in every age and dispensation.


Whatever foundation you lay, leads you through life.

I pray that God will grant you the capacity to break down every ungodly foundation in your life.


– The years before you found grace with God, are all wasted years.

If the motive you come to God is not for the salvation of your soul, there is already disappointment.


Having a character of evil is like planting a seed in your life… That seed will grow and bear fruits

When you get saved, it is for the salvation of your soul.

However, that seed that has germinated has borne fruits… And it will take a while to remove the fruits, them the stems, down to the roots.


“And God is not a magician.”


Brothers and sisters, the coming of the Lord is at hand.

– Tell me one nation that is free from catastrophe

Matthew 24:8

The adverse climate effect is because of man’s misbehavior.

– God said, this is how I want things done, man said no.


Brethren, let’s think of our lives and mend our ways.

– This your self-inflicted evil character, will lead you to destruction.


When those characters are fully blown, they will lead to curses.

– Even the Church will not carry your burden.

Galatians 6:5


“When you come to Church, pray for yourself.”

– You need to fast and pray yourself.


N.B- No man can help you, it is only God that has answer.

If God is warning you and you are stubborn, watch it!



Proverbs 14:12

– The ‘way’ that seemeth right is like a seed, it will mature.

– It will bear fruits and mature into ‘ways’


What are you lots this morning?


Proverbs 16:25

If you are a seed of God, even in afflictions, do what is right.

2 Corinthians 1:20


Whatever it is, think good.

– Even though you are hungry, do not steal.

Philippians 4:8-9


James 1: 1- 27

What makes someone to be scattered – persecution and affliction.

“No man born of woman nor get challenge.”


Trials and temptations will come, it is not a license.

– Wanting nothing means that character wise, there should be no question mark.


God is a God of principle

Under no condition, if you love God, you will obey the law of God.

– When you cannot conquer lust and enticing spirits that is where the seed of evil is planted.


“What you are not matured for, you start it that is the beginning of the end of your life.”




Temptation is not an excuse. God will never tempt you.

Trial is not an excuse. God is with you in that trial.


When sin is finished, it brings forth death.


It becomes double jeopardy if you deceive yourself.

If you do the Word of God you hear, you will prosper in all your ways.


“Search your foundation, what have you used your hand to do.”


To be religious means seeking your own way to please the Lord.

– This will lead you to hell.


It is God that will meet your needs, not Church.

If the Word of God you hear cannot save your soul, Church cannot save your soul.


1 Timothy 5:1-13

For we call anyone a brother or sister, it has to be with purity.

– No brother or sister should be disorderly.

“If you take what you are not qualified for, you have blame.”


– It is not the Church that will pay rent for you.


Those the Church is responsible for:

The first qualification are widows above 60 years that are faithful sisters.


Final Points to note:


For God to remember you, God will want to see your consistency.


The House of God is not where you behave anyhow. It is better you don’t go there.
Affliction and temptation is not an excuse.


God will fight for you in your innocence.


Meditate upon these word.


Remain blessed.


The Saviour’s Bride Mission

The Rejected King

The Rejected King


Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Download and listen to the Message titled- ‘The Rejected King’ preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’ via this link audio message

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60-0515M The Rejected King VGR


94 Do you see? The Holy Spirit is our Judge. God never give us a pope, or a bishop, or anybody, to be a Judge. The Holy Spirit, the Person of God, in the form of the Holy Spirit, is our Judge and our Guide. Now, why is that?

95 Please pardon this rude, and most rude expression. I do not mean it to be mean. I say it from love.

96 But the Holy Spirit says it’s wrong for our women to cut their hair. And it’s wrong for our women to wear little shorts and slacks, and to make up their lips and face with paint. The Holy Spirit says it’s wrong.

97 But we want men to tell us that it’s all right, “As long as we follow me and Samuel.” They like to live through six days, any way they want to, and go to church on Sunday morning. And a fine intellectual college graduate with plenty degrees can speak to them a little sermon that will…a few jokes in it, that would tickle their ears and cause them to be entertained, like some movie or television program. And say a little prayer over them, and send them home with kind of a – a self-satisfied security that they’ve done their religion. That is not the will of the Holy Spirit.

98 The Holy Spirit wants you to live godly, every day in the week, and every night, separating yourselves from the things of the world.

99 But the church don’t want that. They want some man who can- who can interpret the Bible the way that they want to hear It. They won’t listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking through the Bible. Many of them want to say, “The days of miracles is passed.” That’s what tickles the people. They want to say, “There’s no baptism of the Holy Spirit.” The people don’t want to act any different than what the rest of the world acts. They don’t want to get on the street and to have their face washed, and – and men clean countenance, and not cigarettes in their mouth, and – and cigars, and pipes, and – and the things that men do. And women wants their hair cut up real short, and – and little dresses on, and of showing their forms, and things that they want. They – they want men who well tell them, “That’s all right.”

100 Then, the other night, here come a man to tell me, that because that I had preached against such, that a great denomination, about five of them, said, “We’ll drop Brother Branham and have nothing else to do with him. You’ll either call those tapes back, and apologize for them, or we’ll drop you.”

101 I said, “I’ll stand with God’s Word. If it takes everything that’s in my life. I’ll remain with the Word. And I…”


– Extract from the Message ‘The Rejected King’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’


Jeffersonville IN







The World Is Again Falling Apart


Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Download and listen to the Message titled- ‘The World Is Again Falling Apart’ preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’ via this link audio message

Type in the title of the message, ‘The World Is Again Falling Apart’ into the search box and click ‘go’. Download by clicking the audio icon.

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63-1127 The World Is Again Falling Apart VGR


11 When the Lamb come and took the Book out of the right hand of Him that sat upon the Throne, that was the Book of Redemption. And those names was put in there before the foundation of the world. When the last name was called, the Book, the plan, everything else was revealed then, the Seven Seals was opened by the Lamb. The mysteries of the whole Bible was hid in There. If we had time, I’d like to…

12 Just got through with those Seven Seals, just recently. I’d like to go through them again. And just how the Lord blessed us! Many of you has heard of it, and read in Life magazine, and things, the things that taken place during that time. When, they caught the picture, even, of the seven Angels, as was predicted as we went West. And He told me, three months before, where it would be and how I would be standing there, and there it was! And the- and the cameras, oh, for hundreds of miles, caught the picture of It right there, just exactly. Was foretold exactly! And if I ever preached anything that was inspired, in my life, it’s The Seven Seals. And so I know we’re at the end time.

13 And the last name goes on that Book, or, the last name that’s redeemed, that was put on that Book, that settles it. He comes to claim what He redeemed. And it might be a strange time. Did you ever think: people will go right on preaching, the church will go right on even thinking they’re getting people saved. It’s too late then, it’s all over, see, and the Message will go to the totally lost; just like it did in the days of Noah, seven days in the ark. It did in the days of Sodom. Jesus Himself, His- His third stage of His ministry, He went and preached to souls that were Eternally lost, that were in prison, that repented not, the long-suffering in the days of Noah. And we don’t know what time these things might happen.

14 And let’s be warned. Don’t just stand around, let’s do something about it. If we’re not right with God, let’s get right with God.”


– Extract from the Message ‘The World Is Again Falling Apart’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’


Shreveport LA



Sunday Service: 25th of June, 2017

The 70 Weeks of Daniel- Part 3
Ministering: Pastor Barnabas
What concerns us about the Daniel’s 70th Week?
Daniel’s 70th Week is what determines the following events:
1. The Time of Rapture
2. The rise of the anti-christ
3. The Second Coming of Christ
4. The Great Tribulation and the end of this present World System
5. It is the last 7 years before Armageddon
6. When the 70th week of Daniel begins, the Elect of God has about 3 and half years more on the face of the earth.
– Daniel 9:27b
N.B- Week here means 7 years; in the midst of the week means 3 and a half years.
On this website, there are so many things told about the temple. (Reference to the Temple Information)
– For there to be oblation and sacrifice, there must be a temple in place at Jerusalem.
“History and prophecy work hand in hand.”
– The anti-christ will cause the sacrifice and worship to God to seize and force men to worship him instead.
– Revelation 13:7-9
N.B- By this time, the Bride will be no more. She would have gone with the Bridegroom in the Rapture.
– Revelation 12:1-5
– Matthew 25:1-13
Points to Note:
We know the season when JESUS Christ shall come.
N.B- The Bible says we know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh, not the season.
– Because God will do nothing without revealing it to His Servant the Prophet. And there is a Prophet for our age (William Marrion Branham) that has come to reveal the end and restore all things.
“A Prophet is a sign unto every age.”
How shall we know when the 70th Week of Daniel begins?
Not every born again child of God will know when the 70th week week of Daniel begins; but the Elects of God will know and probably tell it to others, but many of the other group will not believe.
Daniel 9:27 – Because of the conditions of the world today: war, famine, earthquakes, economic conditions, political unrest, lawlessness, etc., the world powers will call for one world government. By this, they are indirectly expressing the mind of Satan. The world will agree to come together for peace, prosperity and better economic conditions. They will agree to merge their wealth and power for one world government and they’ll agree to put one religious man at the helm of affairs to be the leader because they believe that a religious man will be honest.
This religious leader will later turn out to be the anti-christ but before Satan will enter into this man, he’ll be able to perform wonders, bring peace to the world for some time, improve the economic conditions of the world, feed the poor nations, stop the war in the Middle East and other parts of the world.
Because of what this man will be able to do many so called born again Christians will be deceived and by the time they know otherwise the Elect of God must have been translated.
What are the things that will happen during the 70th Week of Daniel?
1. One World Government with a religious man as the leader
Daniel 11:21
– This present Pope, no other Pope has displayed the diplomacy he is displaying.
“Watch out! It is closer than you expect.”
2. There will be a great revival, the type of which has not taken place since the world began, the sons of God will be manifested and they’ll rule the world with a rod of iron, and this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all nations.
Revelation 12:5
Matthew 24:14
3. The Elect of God are taken to Heaven without seeing death.
Revelation 12:5
1 Thessalonians 4:16-17
“That’s what we call the Rapture.”
N.B- The Bible says alive and ‘remain’ – you must remain in Christ.
4. The mark of the beast will be issued and whosoever will not take the mark won’t be able to buy or sell or do anything. There will be one world religion.
Revelation 13:16-18
5. Severe persecution of the Tribulation saints, the foolish virgins.
Matthew 25:12-13
– There will be severe persecution of the foolish virgins in Matthew 25:11-13 (that is the tribulation saints).
“You must work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”
Revelation 12:17
Revelation 13:7
6. The foolish virgins also known as the tribulation saints shall be taken into Heaven. Many of them after they’ve been killed.
Revelation 12:14
Revelation 15:2-4
Revelation 7:13-17
7. The Great Tribulation, when God shall pour His wrath upon the earth. The war of Armageddon also takes place.
Revelation 15:1
Revelation 16:1-6
– There is no escape when God comes to pour out His wrath upon the earth.
“Escape now for your dare life.”
Matthew 24:21
N.B- The great tribulation is coming upon the nations.
8. The Second Coming of Christ when all eyes shall see Him. No genuinely born again Child of God will be on earth as this time.
Jude 1:14- 15
Revelation 1:7
Mathew 24:22 & 27
The second coming of Christ ends the 70 Weeks of Daniel.
The Millennium comes after the Daniel’s 70th week, when JESUS Christ shall rule and the Kingdom shall be upon His shoulder for 1,000 years. After the millennium reign of Christ some other things follow before the white throne judgement.
What will be your lot during the 70th Week of Daniel?
N.B- It is a time of deep reflection brothers and sisters. Because events are happening all over the world.
During the 70th week of Daniel, some born again Christians (the Elect) shall be taken to heaven without seeing death like Elijah. Not all the born again Christians will go in the rapture.
Matthew 25:10
Mind you, to be born again alone, cannot make you to be one of those that’ll go in rapture because the foolish virgins too were born again.
Many born again Christians of today will fall into the category of the foolish virgins.
What Category will you fall into?
Born again is the qualification to Heaven and to Eternal life, but apart from being born again there are some other qualities that makes the Elect of God to be qualified for the rapture.
Pray to God to count you worthy; continue steadfastly in the Lord; be at the gathering where the fullness of God’s Word and the Bible mysteries are being preached; know the messenger of your age and follow the message of God spoken through him and you shall not fail when Christ shall come.
Read Luke 21:36
Points to Note:
“Wherever you find yourself on the earth, be in Christ.”
N.B- Not be in Church, be in Christ!
– Pray to God to count you worthy, because it is only JESUS Christ that is the Hiding place.
Concluding text: Obadiah 1:1-4
“Let’s humble ourselves and bury ourselves in JESUS Christ.”
Wherever you are, be in Christ.
Luke 21:36
Remain blessed
The Saviour’s Bride Mission

Show Us The Father

Show Us The Father


Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Download and listen to the Message titled- ‘Show Us The Father’ preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’ via this link audio message

Type in the title of the message, ‘Show Us The Father’ into the search box and click ‘go’. Download by clicking the audio icon.

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63-0606 Show Us The Father VGR


28 Well, that’s like our black sins. Once confessed in the Blood of Jesus Christ, it’s forgotten. There’s no more sin, at all. You are free from sin, and there’s no sin about it. It’s not because you-you deserve it, but because the grace of God, that you are. When man sinned, he crossed a great chasm between he and God, and, left, there’s no way back. But, God was full of mercy, He-He took a substitute. And a lamb was that substitute until the fullness of time come, when He, God, made flesh, to take away sin. And now there’s not even a chasm there, between. A man and God become Father and son. There’s no sin, at all. He puts them in the sea of the bleach of forgetfulness, and cannot even remember them no more.

29 Now, we can’t do that. We’re human. We can forgive, but cannot forget. But God is infinite, and He’s so great that He can absolutely forgot you even did it. Think of it. You never did even sin. And there puts a man again in the Presence of God as his Father, and you’re His child. We are sons and daughters of God now, not will be, now we are the sons and daughters of God. Oh, my! That make Methodists feel like shouting. Doesn’t it?”

– Extract from the Message ‘Show Us The Father’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’


Tucson AZ


Remain blessed.

Sunday Service: 18th of June, 2017


Ministering: Pastor Barnabas 



Recap from last Sunday- Part 1

How many Daniels are here today?

– Yield yourself to God, He will use you more than Daniel.


Daniel had a special gift in dreams and visions.

“What God will use you for, He has already deposited it in you.”

– Just yield yourself to the use of God, He will manifest His Will in Your life.


How could all these things happen in 70 Weeks?


According to Alexandrian Calendar, 70 weeks is equal to 1 year, 4 months and 2 weeks.


From the time Jesus was born to the time He was crucified was even more than 30 years.


The puzzle is- ‘How then can all the things mentioned take place in 70 weeks?


– This morning by the Spirit of God, you will know that there are various calendars.


Note- Everything about the Hebrews is different.


Here is the explanation


The Hebrews have three types of weeks:


  1. Week of Days

This is calculated from one Sabbath to another Sabbath and it is equal to 7 days a week.

Exodus 20:10-11


– Seven days make one week


  1. Week of Years

This is calculated from one Sabbathical year to another Sabathical year.


– Sabbathical year means 7 years


In the week of years, when one week is mentioned it means 7 years.

Leviticus 25:2- 4

Note- This was the law the Israelites broke that made them go into captivity in Babylon.

Ezekiel 4:6


– If each day is for a year, seven days is seven years.


Interlude: When the Word of God is going forth, don’t be distracted.

– It is only God that blesses.


  1. Week of 7 times 7 years/ 49 years

This is calculated from one Jubile to another Jubile.

Leviticus 25:8-11


– It is a week of 49 years


Now, the week of years was used to calculate the 70 weeks of Daniel.

The 70 weeks therefore is equal to 490 years.


– The Hebrew calendar used for the calculation of the 70 weeks of Daniel is the Hebrew calendar week of years.

– That is 70 weeks times 7 years which is 490 years.


The division of the Weeks into Events


Now, let’s go into the division of these weeks into events as revealed by Angel Gabriel to Daniel

Daniel 9:25- 27


  1. Seven Weeks (49 years) to restore and build Jerusalem

– 7 weeks times 7 years equals 49 years


  1. Sixty two Weeks (434 years) Messiah shall come and shall be cut off.

– 62 weeks (Threescore and two weeks) times 7 years equals 434 years


  1. One week (7 years) when ‘he’ shall confirm the covenant with many.

– 1 week times 7 years equals 7 years


Note- Our topic is 70 Weeks of Daniel, there is another topic, ’70th week of Daniel’


Now, if you read Daniel 9:25, it says “from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be Seven Weeks, (notice the comma) and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times”.


The comma after the 7 weeks has separated that 7 weeks from the threescore and two weeks. Verse 26 explained further when it says, “After threescore and two weeks shall the Messiah be cut off” and not after 7 weeks, threescore and two weeks. Meaning that three score and two weeks is for the coming and cutting off of the Messiah while the first 7 weeks is to restore and build Jerusalem.


Fulfilment of each of the Events


Now, bringing the events to History

  1. The commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem shall be seven weeks (49 years) first 7 weeks (49 years)

Daniel 9:25 & 26b – The streets shall be built again and the walls, even in troublous times.


When was this fulfilled in the book of History?

Ezra 1:1-8 – Cyrus the king gave the commandment to go and rebuild Jerusalem.


Note- The word of the Lord that came by the mouth of Jeremiah is recorded in Jeremiah 29:10-11


The spirit of Ezra and Nehemiah came around this time.

– The temple and the streets were built in troublous times


  1. Daniel 9:26 – About 62 weeks (434 years) that Jerusalem has been restored, Jesus Who was born 30 years earlier was cut off.


Daniel 9:26b – and the people of the Prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. This also took place at the end of the 62 weeks (434 years). That incident took place in A.D. 70 when the Roman army under General Titus over fled and destroyed Jerusalem and the temple.


Where the prophecies were fulfilled:

Matthew 27:22-26 – The crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Matthew 24:15-20 – The destruction of the city and the sanctuary

Note- Read ‘the invasion of General Titus in AD70’

Matthew 24:2; 16


Note- These summation of the weeks above gives us 69 weeks.



The Events of the Prophecies Stopped

At the end of the 69th week, after the children of Israel (the Jews) had been scattered all over the nations of the world and the temple has been destroyed, the prophecy stopped.

Matthew 24:2, 16 & 20


The Jews were scattered all over the face of the earth and God could no longer deal with them as a nation. Therefore the last week of Daniel which is the 70th week has to wait till Israel become a nation again.


When the 70 weeks stops at the 69th week, the times of the Gentiles began and the land of the Jews was taken over by the Arabs and a mosque was erected on the former site of the Solomon’s temple. It was at this same time that the Gospel came to the Gentiles. (Luke 21:24)


Points to note:

  • From the point when Israel was scattered in A.D. 70, Israel was no longer a nation and God stop dealing with them.

Note- Because God deals with Israel as a nation and He can only deal with them in their land.

  • From AD70 until 14th of May, 1948, there was a transition.

“This transition was the dispensation of the Gentiles.”

Luke 21:24


Return of the Jews to Jerusalem

Nothing was heard about the Jews again since A.D. 70 until recently (May 15th 1948) when the state of Israel was proclaimed a free independent nation and had its own flag, its own army and its own government for the first time after A.D. 70.


The times of the Gentiles

From the time (A.D. 70) when the Jews were scattered all over the nations of the earth to the time when they returned and became a nation is referred to as “the time of the Gentiles”, during which time God deals with the Gentiles and the gospel of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ was preached all over.


In 1967, the Jews fought a 6-day war and the Old City (Jerusalem) was captured. They got the old city back, and that was when the times of the Gentiles got fulfilled.


The Transition period

The prophecy in Daniel 9:26b did not take place until 40 years after the Messiah was been cut off. That space of time between the end of one prophecy and the fulfilment of the next one in Daniel 9:26 is what we refer to as the transition period.


Now that Israel has become a nation, the next question that will readily come to mind is “why has the last week of Daniel 70 weeks not started?” The last week of Daniel has not started because we are in another transition period. The second transition period is the space of time between the time Israel became a nation and the time the 70th week of Daniel begins.

The first transition period was for 40 years and this other transition period may be about the same number of years or more.


We are now in the 2000’s and anytime from now the 70th week of Daniel will start.


Points to note

All this maneuvering may bring the world to a point when there will be peace covenant.

– This peace covenant will be confirmed with many for one week (7 years).


Brothers and Sisters, let’s put ourselves in order, it may be sooner than ever.

Luke 21:34-36


How many of us would like to be like Daniel and start putting yourselves in order?


Remain blessed.


The Saviour’s Bride Mission

My New Ministry

My New Minstry


Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Download and listen to the Message titled- ‘My New Ministry’ preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’ via this link audio message

Type in the title of the message, ‘My New Ministry’ into the search box and click ‘go’. Download by clicking the audio icon.

Kindly click on the PDF version of the message below and read.

59-1115 My New Ministry VGR


“So that would give us to know, though we be little and insignificant, God’s interested in us doing something for Him. He likes to display His glory.

And that stuck with me so hard that I could hardly rest day and night. That’s been two years ago. And constantly, it has haunted at me. And I’d say, “Oh, I just can’t say nothing about it, for I can’t place it in the atonement.”

“Whatsoever you say, it shall come to pass. You can have what you say.”

And I’ve stood here at this same pulpit and tried, and run on the Scripture, and refrain from it, and go back, because I was afraid to use it.

You cannot have faith unless you know what you are doing.

E-26 Some fellow come to me not long ago, and he said, “Brother Branham, do you think it’s wrong for a Christian to smoke tobacco?”

And I said, “What are you asking me for? If there’s a question in your mind, leave it alone. Don’t never…”

You can’t have faith unless you’re perfectly sure that you’re right. When all shadows is drifted away, then you can have faith and confidence. And I could not walk out there and preach that Scripture, not knowing what I was talking about. But yet, I knew It was of the Lord.

E-27 Many you people bear me record, that for the last two years, you’ve constantly heard me from this platform say that there’s something, something somewhere. And I’m reaching; I know it’s close at hand. I just can’t seem to grasp it.

I say, “I hit a Scripture, now I don’t know what to do, because Scriptures…” Though you might put an interpretation…If someone would’ve asked me, I’d said something to them, and walked away, and turned it off on something else. But to face the issue…

Just like we’ve got to face the issue: Is the baptism of the Holy Ghost right or wrong? We’ve got to face the issue: Is Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever? Is it right or wrong? We got to face it. We must know that God’s Word is always true.

E-28 So on it went, and up and down, and I’d get it in my mind, and I just couldn’t get it away. And everywhere I’d go, it would constantly come to me. “If you say to this mountain, ‘Be thou plucked up and cast into the sea,’ and don’t doubt in your heart, but shall believe that what you’ve said will come to pass, you can have what you have said.”


– Extract from the Message ‘My New Ministry’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’


Jeffersonville IN





Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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62-1124B Investments VGR


E-15 We find out that in Revelation 3, at the Laodicea age, which we are now living in to my interpretation of the Scripture, that when the message has come forth of the Laodicea age (as it did in each age, and each age had a messenger) that we come forth in this last day, and find out that that church was very rich. And they were so disagreeable with Him, they put Him out of the church, because it’s the only church age that we find, even though the…

Well, we’d think the Ephesus church age, and the Sardis, and all the church ages as they were, even down into the age of Philadelphia, the Wesleyan church age, and so forth, even into all those ages He was not put out. But in the Laodicea church age He was on the outside, but was still knocking, trying to get into His own church.

E-16 With His Divine Presence, as it was when He was on earth, God was in one Person. Now, God is in His church, His life divided among His people, God living among them, trying to unite them together in a mystical body of Christ, which is called His Bride. And when He’s trying to do that…And He will do it, for as the prophet said…It come forth, His forerunner for His first advent, said, “God is able of those stones to rise children.

And today, when the blessings fell upon the Pentecostals years ago, and they separated themselves, seemingly not having the faith, God is able of the Methodists, and orthodox, and so forth, of these stones to rise children unto Abraham.

And did you ever think, my brethren, did it ever come to you in the Scripture, that the very day that the sleeping virgin come to buy oil, that was the day that He come? When you see Greek Orthodox, Episcopalians, Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, coming in, hungering for this, “Where can we get this oil?” Remember it was that hour that the Bridegroom came. Let’s watch our investments, where they pay off at.”

– Extract from the Message ‘Investments’

Preached by the Prophet Messenger ‘William Marrion Branham’


Shreveport LA


Remain blessed.

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